Healthy Supplementation

We all know that eating healthy will improve our health, but what if simply eating better is not enough? Then you will need to supplement, but do you know how or what is best to take? The world of supplementation can be mind boggling and no one wants to put anything unnecessary into their bodies...especially when the goal is to be healthier right?

Knowing what's best for you...

So maybe you know what's been bothering you and you know how you want to feel... or worse, you have no idea what is ailing you but you know that you want to feel better. You feel off, tired, sluggish. Maybe feeling some aches and pains, your focus is off. You go through tests at the doctors, and everything comes back as normal and that's good, right? Then why don't you feel normal? You've made corrections in your diet and have searched all over the web and googled every scenario under the sun. You've found a lot of great information, only problem is, is that you found Too Much information and you can't seem to narrow down what it is that is making you feel off. When all your symptoms are the same symptoms for a list of possible illnesses and conditions. So how do you know what is best for you? Well first, if you haven't paid a visit to your primary physician and do not know what the root cause of your symptoms are, I suggest you make an appointment.  If you have seen your doctor and still can't place a finger on why you're feeling they way you are and your ready to take control of your health and reclaim your life, then you've come to the right place. First of all, lets be clear on a doctors  objectives and their goals for their patients...

A doctor is trained to identify ailments and to treat those ailments in the way that he/she has been medically trained and Licensed to do. Most care very deeply for their patients health and outcome but when it comes to understanding nutrition and the benefits of supplementation, most do not have enough knowledge and cannot guide you with a plan of preventative care. Due to liabilities they will always air on protecting themselves and advise against anything that they do not have knowledge about, they are simply just protecting themselves.

What You Can Do?... Educate yourself, and if that is too time consuming, locate a Certified Health Coach who has knowledge and training and who can guide you along a straight path. This will help you reach and achieve your health goals a whole lot quicker than the trial and error of self education, and in the end itwill save you time and money and ultimately your health!

What is the difference between a Health Coach and a Nutritionist?

What A Nutritionist Does-

A Nutritionist is a trained expert in Food, Nutrition and Diet. A nutritionist will asses the dietary needs of their clients based upon their health needs and provide a proactive formula for healing conditions and disease.

What A Health Coach Does-

A Health Coach Is trained in basic nutrition, Food and Diet. They base their assessment upon a multitude of fundamental health needs based upon each clients individual needs. The umbrella of "Health" with a health coach precedes Nutrition, Food and Diet. With a Health Coach, there is as much focus on Mental, Physical, and Emotional health as there is on just food and diet alone, based upon each individual clients specific needs.

 A health coach does not treat complex or severe health conditions and does not prescribe medications.

      Sherri Maynard
  Wellness Coach and         Isotonix  Distributor                                                  






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